We can’t say, exactly, what being young means. Many think it means conforming. Floating along. Laziness. We’ve even heard “the lost generation”.

We can tell you, however, what it means to us.

Being young is being alive. Awake. Anxious to learn. It’s believing in change. Evolving. Exploring. Being passionate. Having a thousand dreams bouncing around in your head. Wanting to make them all come true. It’s trying new things. Embracing them. Wondering why. Questioning the status quo. Rebelling. Celebrating spontaneity. Authenticity. Falling in love with yourself, and with what you could one day be.

At [email protected] we celebrate youth. We want to inspire curiosity and show the world that Barcelona has amazing young talent. An event organized by and for young people.

We’re not here to set the rules, or to claim we know the right way to move forward. Our humble goal is to inspire critical thinking. To shine light on brave, edgy, inspirational and authentic stories that empower people. So hopefully, you will leave the event with a different state of mind. Maybe a little crazier. A little fearless. A little foolish. Just a little different.

Please come in. And get inspired.

This is a collaborative manifesto created together with our speakers and team.