Every major advance in human civilization has been made possible because someone was willing to get out of the comfort zone and challenge the status quo. Risk is part of every human endeavor and while some of the risks we all take may seem trivial, others make a significant difference in the way we live our lives.

At [email protected] we admire risk takers. In 2015 we wanted to celebrate the stories of young people who took the first step and have had the tenacity to keep going. Young people who power their ideas and initiatives with passion. Every. Single. Day.

The event took place on Saturday 28th of March of 2015 at L’Auditori de Barcelona. It was an afternoon of pure optimism and inspiration, made in Barcelona.

Watch all the talks on our YouTube Channel now! You can also check out all the pictures of the event on our Facebook page.

David Andrés: Desmitificar l’alta cuina.
Amaia Arrazola: Creatividad: ¿Dónde sucede la magia?
Albert Barqué-Duran: Pintando la moralidad contemporánea.
Daniel Castejón: Interpretando a los clásicos.
Duna Homedes: Masoveria urbana.
Josep Marc Mingot: Aprendizaje humano vs artificial.
Loreto Nácar: Bebé, ¿Quieres ser bilingüe?
Mamadou Saliou: El futuro, mi tierra.
Jordi Saragossa: Més enllà d’una fotografia.

Speacial Guest:
What does being young mean? Is it a question of age or attitude? When does one stop being young? At [email protected] we wanted a different point of view. So we decided to talk to people who have lived a long life. About their experiences. About their lives. About the risks they have taken. And the ones they didn’t take. About what they would recommend to someone starting out. We thought there could be no better closing than with the presence of Georgina Regàs.

Georgina Regàs: Mai és tard per a emprendre.

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