Photography by Berta Vicente & Guillem Trius

Albert is a PhD researcher in Cognitive Science at the Department of Psychology at City University London thanks to a fellowship from the U.S. government. His research concerns the application of mathematical and computational methods to modelling human cognition. Specifically, his research is about judgment and decision-making, behavioral sciences and moral psychology.

Albert also has a M.S. in Brain, Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences from the Universitat de Barcelona and a BA in Economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. He’s worked as a Teacher’s Assistant and Research Assistant in Decision Making and Behavioral Sciences.

The other side of Albert is an artist. He translates scientific concepts into surrealist illustrations and he paints his subjective interpretations of certain psychological concepts and the mind. Many have been published in the science column he writes in one of Spain’s national newspapers, el Periódico de Catalunya. (Neurocàpsules).