Photography by Berta Vicente & Guillem Trius

Duna is the one of the co-founders of MULA, a collaborative project which searches to join old solutions, such as urban farms, with new problems, such as a housing shortage for young people. She is simultaneously finishing a Degree in Audio Visual Animation.

Duna took a gap year after graduating from high school, and decided to spend it in Germany, learning the language while thinking about what to do next in life. When she got back to Barcelona, in the midst of the economic “crisis” the housing and unemployment issues made her reflect upon how to find practical solutions looking toward the past. With six other friends, she co-founded Urban Farms for Alternative Housing (MULA- Masoveria Urbana per la Llar Alternativa) whose first project was to rehabilitate an old neglected country house in the Can Baró district of Barcelona. This once rural farmland that fed the city dwellers, is now a neighborhood on the outskirts fighting to keep its historical heritage. By applying an old solution- allowing the tenants to live there for free in exchange for the upkeep of the property- they are helping preserve the buildings and land. Their project offers a fresh perspective to the problem of housing while also increasing community engagement and creating both work and homes for young people.

She is convinced of the fact that if you put in time, work and passion- anything is possible.