Photography by Berta Vicente & Guillem Trius

Mamadou arrived in Barcelona at just 16 years of age, and lived in different centers for minors until he turned 18. At 17 he created the documentary “Had I known, I wouldn’t have come” (Si yo sabría, no vendría) and “Tomorrow, more of the same” (Mañana, lo mismo) in order to make public the plight of Senegalese immigrants coming to Europe. These documentaries have been shown for 3 straight years in a variety of public and private schools in Ziguinchor, his hometown.At 19 Mamadou got his first job in a bike rental company. The experience inspired him to start a new project called “A different Barcelona, on wheels” (Una Barcelona diferente sobre ruedas), which is a tour showing the less publicized social reality of Barcelona.

At 21 Mamadou decided to start Diandé Africa, an educational project born from his experience, both as a user and a volunteer, in a wide range of social entities in Barcelona (Fundación Exit, Casal dels infants, Punto de Referencia, Mercé Fontanilles and Nexes). The project takes place between Barcelona and Ziguinchor.