We are always looking for young people under 30 who want to share an interesting idea. Or an idea worth debating. Or defending. Or a challenging point of view. We look for speakers with a stance on those ideas, not just a description. It could be artificial intelligence or music interpretation, alternatives to the housing problem or the need for a new morality. Or the future of Africa. It could be demystifing a topic or making an statement. Or maybe explaining something that nobody might have never heard of. If it an idea worth sharing, we want to hear about it!

Send us a link to a short video (under 2 minutes, please!) so we can find out who you are and what you’d like to share at [email protected] Use a webcam, your phone or a camera, doesn’t need to be fancy, we just want to get to know you better! You can record your video in Catalan, Spanish or English.

Do you know anybody with an inspiring story to be shared? Recommend a speaker to us!